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This is the place for some old adverts, in no particular order. Check out the last advert for two very special plates sold as a pair. These are pre Website and from the days when plates were advertised in Exchange & Mart (remember that?) and the higher end newspapers (although I'm not sure how the Sunday Express achieved that status...)

An advert from Exchange & Mart 1988, this was very near to the height of an economic boom

D 6 for 14,200

8 K for 18,000

O 6 for 11,000

F 9 for 15,000

An advert from Motor magazine in 1976 advertising C 7 for 2,500

An advert from Motor magazine in 1975 advertising L 7 for 5,000

A fax from Motormarks in 1998 offering 1 R for 90,000

A fax from Motormarks in 1998 offering 8 M for 49,995

An ad from the Sunday Express from 1991, V 9 and L 5 offered for 29,500 each

The age of this advert is unknown, but with that phonecode it's pre 1990. K 5 is advertised for 5,000

The age of this advert is unknown and has 4 R advertised for 15,950

The age of this advert is unknown, but from the phone codes I'm told it's 1995 onwards, the end result was the purchase of A 1 and 1 A by Prince Jefri Bokiah of Brueni.

The advert is factually incorrect as A 1 wasn't the first plate issued, DY 1 was issued some two weeks earlier.

What is puzzling is the price of 380K + VAT.

The date of the advert is sometime in the mid to late 90's but when 1 A was sold at DVLA auction in December 1989 it sold for 198K, if a VAT registered company bought it then this dropped to 172K. So, a 172K plate is paired with its older sibling, a plate with the letter and number the right way round so certainly worth more, yet the asking price is just 380K + VAT (so 1 A represents at least 45% of this value). Strange.